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Meaningful Market

Flannery O'Connor 8x10 Art Print

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What if Edmund’s story concluded right after betraying his family to the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia? What if Elizabeth Bennett never spoke to Mr. Darcy again after his first failed proposal in Pride and Prejudice? The stories we cherish and tell over and over again are only complete after the fallen characters find a chance for redemption. Even when it’s rejected, the forgiving hand must be extended. And if our need as beings who tell and consume stories is for the characters in our tales to see a chance at redemption, what does that tell us about the one who first wrote his story on our hearts? As the greatest characters in the greatest story written by the greatest author, we, too, are endlessly offered the opportunity to be redeemed, even from the darkest sins and the furthest falls from grace. We, too, can be restored.

Catholic Creatives inspires us to collaborate with other creatives to tell stories that lift our gaze and lead us home.
— MIchelle Benzinger

Be A Heart

Easter Party Set


Celebrate Christ’s Resurrection this Easter!

This Easter Bundle gives you all you need to throw a party or add a little something special to your family breakfast table. The Easter party goods are covered in the calla lily, which is a common symbol for Jesus’s resurrection. Pair Alleluia cups with He is Risen paper straws, He is Risen plates with Easter Sunday’s Psalm 118 “Rejoice and be glad!” napkins.

The Easter Bundle Includes:


Sacred + Immaculate Heart 8x10 Prints

Three Devotional Votives: St. Joseph, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Catherine of Sienna

Miscellany: Buttons, Gold Foil Holy Cards (Ave Rerum Corpus is from a hymn, “Hail True Body”) – the “God Loves You” pin is the Providential Co. motto.

CC has impacted me as an artist, encouraging me to push these ancient symbols into a new modern medium, which in this case is digital art. Knowing that I have this community I can be a part of is so important to me personally and that I’m part of a larger movement is awesome.
— Tricia Dugat

When Beauty Met Truth

2 - 8x10 prints