CC Digital Festival

Digital Festival


The Festival Began

Creatives from the CC Community donated beautiful products to our raffle and CC Makers showcased their work in our Maker’s Market.

— 3/25

Get More Work

Special highlights on collaborations and jobs that have been fostered through the CC community. Discover two great resources for sharing our economy.
— 3/26

CC Events

Check out CC EVENTS to see how you can get involved!

— 3/27

Live Podcast

We had a live podcast with Cory Heimann, the guest YOU chose! And it was fantastic.
— 3/28

State of the Communion

We hosted a State of Communion Address, which included:

- Live poetry
- CC Regionals Launch
- Announcement of CC Summit 2020 date!
- A vision for the future of CC
- Raffle winners!

— 3/29