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The Monk Manual

A Year of Monking Around - 4 Monk Manuals


In life, the process is the goal.

The Monk Manual 90-Day Planner is a daily system that helps you focus on the most important things, so you can live each moment with greater purpose, productivity, and  presence. Progress isn’t always gained through new methods and ideas. Sometimes it’s in rediscovering the time-tested and proven methods of the past. Today, science proves that habits practiced by monks lead to human flourishing and wellbeing. Monks are the most productive people in the world. They know that productivity isn’t about doing more things; it’s doing the most important things well. As foreign as the way of a monk may seem, it turns out to be a highly practical path to a fulfilled life.

Monk Manual wouldn’t exist without Catholic Creatives, at least not in it’s end form. The product’s development was a fruit of my relationship with Erica Tighe, who I met for the first time because we sat next to each other at the Vespers service of the first CC summit. Anthony was the first person I actually verbalized the idea to when we were at another event almost two years ago now.
— Steve Lawson


All Things Are Possible Tote Bag

PAL Sticker Pack

PAL Campaign's products find their home and speak their truth in the everyday items that reach all who are hungry and all who are thirsty — the t-shirts, the accessories, the coffee mugs, the tote bags. Through these modern-day galleries, faith and inspiration come alive, and evangelization and longings for Jesus take place.

Catholic Creatives always inspires me to step up my game. Not only does this group confirm my desire to create great art that doesn’t sacrifice Gospel truth, it continues to fuel my creative spirit!
— Joe Kim

Get an inside look into one of the most thought-provoking creative gatherings of the Catholic world. An all-access pass to unreleased talks from Catholic innovators and a front row seat into the heart of the community.